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InScience advises: Radboud Impact festival

From 16-20 May the Radboud Impact Festival will take place, offering a broad program about sustainability. InScience will screen Chasing Coral, presented as a breathtaking virtual reality experience.

It will come as no surprise that the climate crisis is leading to disastrous consequences for our planet. One disaster that is already visibly unfolding is the bleaching of coral reefs in the oceans. No less than a third of the large coral reefs have now died due to global warming.

The documentary Chasing Coral highlights this issue by clearly explaining why these ecosystems are so important for life in our oceans. The film also is an impressive underwater journey, full of breathtaking images of majestic coral reefs – that according to experts might disappear completely in 15 years.

The full documentary was screened at our festival in 2017, the virtual reality experience was screened a year later – and can now be watched in Nijmegen again. Descend into this wonderful world with this immersive virtual reality screening, an unforgettable experience of about six minutes.

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