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InScience advises: Ich bin dein mensch

What makes a human human? That is a question that is frequently answered in the charming film Ich bin dein mensch, yet the conclusive answer remains elusive. This delightful comedy was screened at InScience festival last year and can now be seen in LUX.

Free will, love, existential doubts, loneliness, artificial intelligence and synthetic sex: this film is a refreshing cocktail of many themes. We see how Alma, archaeologist and bachelor, takes the love robot Tom into her home for three weeks as an experiment. Tom’s algorithm is programmed in such a way that he keeps on learning how to make you happy. In short, he is the highway to perfect happiness, as a life partner who fulfills all your wishes. Because who wouldn’t want that? Right?

The film seems written while smiling and always manages to surprise, among other things by playing a clever game with the well-known romcom conventions and by flirting elegantly with science fiction, subtle comedy and genuine drama. It is also a film that sincerely muses about what it means to be a human being, a human being presented with the full range of experiences. Big questions are asked, but thanks to the light-hearted tone and the pleasant pace, the film manages to remain human itself. 

Watch this film in LUX Nijmegen

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