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InScience advises: Fragments from Shallow Lake

What are the ecological consequences of dumping contaminated soil into public water? And can toxicity lead to new nature? These questions are central to the exhibition Fragments from Shallow Lake. This solo exhibition by Jasper Coppes, in P-OST Nijmegen, shows fragments from his new film Shallow Lake. Together, these fragments offer different perspectives that are addressed in the film and at the same time provide an insight into the editing process of the film.

In both the film and the exhibition, attention is paid to the contradictory nature of deep sand extraction lakes in the Maas and Waal area. For decades these lakes have been filled with contaminated soil in order to create new nature reserves. The new nature is an industrial wilderness, a composite of exotics. Genetically modified primeval cows graze on polluted soil, rock powder from Scotland swirls in deep lakes, PFAS accumulate in toxic sludge. And all these elements also form the territory of the beaver and special flora. But what is the impact of these toxic substances on the flora and fauna of these areas? And how can we deal with pollution?

The exhibition was opened this weekend and can be visited until 11 November.

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