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InScience advises: Fire of Love

Lava and all-scorching love are forged together into an explosive film that will smolder on your retina for a long time to come. This tribute to boundless human curiosity was a huge hit at Sundance, and can now be watched at LUX.

Meet Maurice and Katia Krafft, two French volcanologists who love each other as much as the volcanoes they research. They started out as amateurs but grew to become an authority on volcanology. Over a period of 25 years, they collected no less than two hundred hours of breathtaking footage of active volcanoes, which forms the basis for this fiery documentary.

The duo dared to dream big, with their love for the wonders of nature ever stronger than fear of the destructive power of glowing lava. The result is not only a breathtaking nature documentary, but also a tragic love story that pays tribute to human curiosity and the invincible power of love.

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