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InScience advises: Everything Everywhere All At Once

Everything everywhere all at once is a breathtaking trip through many dimensions. Is it science fiction or romantic comedy, action movie or family drama, or is it all at once? The film is now screening in LUX.

The central character in this film is Evelyn Wang. She dreams of a career as a singer, but is hopelessly caught up in her own disappointing life choices. Her laundromat isn’t flourishing, her marriage is on the brink and the relationship with her own daughter is far from fine. There is another pressing problem to top it off: her company is under scrutiny from the tax authorities, and this conflict looks far from promising.

Wang’s fight against the tax authorities quickly turns into a battle against all of her problems, which turn out to span many dimensions. The film quickly becomes a dizzying rollercoaster ride through many alternate lives, with impressively choreographed fight scenes, countless absurd situations and a highly original use of sex toys. The film is full of humor and witty finds, including nods to sci-fi classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Matrix. The feverish pace doesn’t always make it easy to keep up with the film, but do try to do this: there’s a heartwarming message waiting beneath all the interdimensional fireworks.

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