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InScience advises: Descending the Mountain

The documentary Descending the Mountain premiered during InScience 2021. If you missed the film then, grab your chance to see this impressive documentary now: the film will be screened on NPO 2 on June 29, at 23:22 to be precise.

What happens when you give magic mushrooms (psilocibine) to experienced Zen practitioners who have never used drugs? What does that teach us about the mystical experience of oneness with nature? How do psychedelics expand our consciousness? And how does this contribute to deep meditation? Those are some of the questions asked by this documentary, and answered impressively.

In the film we see how the two worlds of neuroscientist Franz Vollenweider and Zen master Vanja Palmers come together in a double-blind experiment. Under their watchful eye, experienced meditators embark on a mind-blowing “trip” at a monastery in the Swiss mountains. This enchanting film shows us the value of psychedelics and mystical experiences for science and our humanity.

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