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InScience advises: Being an idealist festival

Be inspired by great thinkers, scientists and activists, this weekend in LUX. The Being an Idealist festival will take place there on 12, 13 and 14 May, aimed at breeding a new generation of idealists.

The crises are piling up and the future seems increasingly uncertain. The need for new visionaries and idealists is enormous. How can you learn to believe in ideals again, and how do you make an impact? That is the central question during this festival, which consists of lectures, film screenings and workshops.

One of those lectures will be given by Philip Blomm, who previously was a guest at InScience festival in 2018. In this lecture he discusses his fascination for social changes, and the upcoming green transformation that will ensure we’ll say goodbye to how we have looked at ourselves and nature over the past three thousand years.

Another promising lecture takes a closer look at the ideas of Albert Camus and Hannah Arendt. In 2017, InScience showed an intriguing and intimate portrait of this latter thinker: her ideas about the statelessness of refugees, the banality of evil and totalitarianism are still extremely relevant today.

Finally, we recommend the films Invisible Demons and Soylent Green for lovers of science and moving images. The documentary Invisible Demons takes us to New Delhi, where we can already feel in many ways the dark future we face if we do not manage to curb the climate crisis. The film Soylent Green is a classic cult film from 1972. This dystopia portrays a future world that is overpopulated, while the earth is exhausted and the entire world population lives on plankton.

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