InScience Film Festival

InScience 2022: Amazing Discoveries

On November 4 and 5, we will organize a special edition of InScience, titled Amazing Discoveries. That weekend we will screen the most beautiful and astonishing films of the past seven years, and we will offer leading thinkers and makers a platform.

That means being enchanted again by Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy? on the big screen, the ‘animated’ conversation between film artist Michel Gondry and linguist Noam Chomsky. Travel to the edges of our solar system and beyond in The Farthest. Or be inspired in Inventing Tomorrow by teenagers all over the world, who are coming up with great solutions to climate problems.

Ticket sales for this special edition start on Tuesday 18 October.

InScience will move the festival to springtime

We look back on seven inspiring and eventful years. Partly as a result of the corona crisis, InScience is at a tipping point: the festival has outgrown its starting phase and has become an important player in the cultural field, both in Nijmegen and beyond. In order to continue making an impact, InScience wants to emerge from this crisis stronger than it entered it. That is why the festival is embarking on a new course. From 2023 onwards, InScience will organize the annual festival in the spring. InScience will also expand to more locations in the city, and later throughout the Netherlands (and beyond!), to special and unexpected places.

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