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Are you as fond of animals as we are? Then we have the perfect films for you! Because one of the themes that we have woven through the program is We Love Animals. These films are a tribute to scientists who learn from and about animals and thereby try to strengthen the relationship between humans and animals. Because we like to say that we love animals, but do we really show that? And do we really understand the animal world?

700 Sharks

Luc Marescot | Documentary | FR | 92 min | 2018 | tickets

In a groundbreaking experiment in Polynesia, five of the most experienced underwater scientists in the world follow the largest school of sharks ever registered. It took the researchers three years of preparation to descend between seven hundred sharks. Which they do at night, when the sharks are most aggressive. To study the mysterious hunting strategies and social behavior, these researchers risked their lives. The result is a fascinating film in which the sharks display behavior that has never been seen before, let alone been recorded on camera.


Josh Murphy | Documentary | US | 77 min | 2019 | tickets

Artifishal, a documentary, is a real eye-opener. The drama of the wild salmon takes place against the backdrop of a beautiful setting. While salmon farms were intended to protect the endangered species, they appear to contribute to the extinction of wild salmon. Because the salmon farm weakens the genetic material of the wild species. After Artifishal, salmon will never taste the same again.

Curiosity and Control

Albin Biblom | Documentary | SW | 57 min | 2018 | tickets

Amazement, exploitation and a desire to preserve nature – Curiosity and Control is a journey through Western natural history museums and zoos. The stories, told by historians, architects, zoo directors, and a museologist, are about curiosity, control, the urge to save and how to connect with the natural world.

The Woman Who Loves Giraffes

Alison Reid | Documentary | CA | 83 min | 2018 | tickets

The 85-year-old Dr. Anne Innis Dagg undertakes her groundbreaking journey to South Africa in 1956 again. Back then she pursued her dream of becoming the world’s first giraffologist. On her new journey, she shows the sad reality that the giraffes live in today. With moving images from the past and present, she candidly tells about her life as the first giraffologist. How determined she was to make her dream come true. How she struggled to be seen and respected in the male-dominated field of zoology. And why her career was eventually destroyed.

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