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Ich bin dein Mensch in Rozet (Arnhem)

On Friday 1 December, InScience will screen the film Ich bin dein mensch, in collaboration with Rozet in Arnhem. This unique romcom raises interesting questions about what makes us human. For adventurous romantics, there is the option to go on a blind date during this screening, where you will be matched with someone else based on your preferences. Curious? Then scroll on for more information!

Ich bin dein Mensch

It’s difficult to argue with a partner who never makes mistakes. “Can’t you do something stupid just once?” sighs Alma (Maren Eggert), after Tom (Dan Stevens) has once again shown his perfect side. Unfortunately: Tom is a robot programmed to please those around him.

Can love exist without conflict? It is one of the many interesting questions that German director Maria Schrader (Unorthodox) raises in Ich bin dein Mensch, a sometimes dark, often humorous drama about the romantic implications of artificial intelligence. Before advanced robots like Tom can hit the market, they need to be tested, and scientist Alma is one of the testers. She doesn’t feel like it, but her boss has to.

Finding a partner is always a lot of hassle, especially in romantic comedies. In Ich bin dein Mensch that doesn’t seem to be a problem: you can have the person of your dreams made into a lifelike robot. But Alma is not interested in love and only takes test robot Tom into her home because she gets paid for the experiment. Tom turns out to be no simple sex robot, but is programmed to create an emotional bond with Alma. What follows is a tragicomic story about the meaning of love, desire and what makes us human.

Would you like to be surprised and go to this film on a blind date? That’s possible: register via this link. We match you based on your preferences and you meet your movie date in Rozet while enjoying a drink. You will also receive a cool InScience goodie bag, including vouchers for the film festival.

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