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Global Extraction Film Festival

From October 26 to 30, the Global Extraction Film Festival will take place, which will be largely streamed online. Showing more than 250 documentaries and short films, the festival highlights the destructive effects of the global extractive industries. The festival is free and presents a wide variety of topics that people around the world need to think about. InScience tips two films from the program.

How and by whom are our food, clothing and energy produced? What to do with the billions of tons of waste that are created every day? And what is our relationship with all life on Earth? These questions, and many more, are addressed in the very extensive festivalprogram – which consists largely of publicly available films that can be viewed and shared all year round, to learn from and be inspired by. The festival also shines a special light on communities around the world, who are bravely resisting the destructive effects of these industries by realizing a livable future.

There also is a selection of festival exclusives: films that can only be viewed for free during the festival. Here you can see the documentary Nature’s Big Year (2021), about the effect of the global corona lockdowns on the natural world. The resilience of many animal species proved enormous during this period of absence of human activity, illustrating the impact of our human actions on the world. Another interesting documentary is All Eyes on the Amazon (2019), about the impact of the oil industry on indigenous peoples and their struggles for environmental justice.

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