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Genesis 2.0 – chosen by Britt Wray

Attention to InScience fans: are you buying a ticket for Genesis 2.0 today? Then you get free access to the Big Idea from Britt Wray!

Author and researcher Britt Wray named Genesis 2.0 as her favourite film. This is compelling and visually stunning documentary explores the mysteries of nature and offers a terrifying view of the future, in which two worlds are diametrically opposed.

After the film, Wray will address the potential and the dangers of bringing a mammoth back to life. Britt Wray is a speaker and an author who researches emerging sciences, technologies and ethical questions. Thanks to recent advances in science and technology, particularly in the field of genetic manipulation, people are being confronted with a question that sounds straight out of a science fiction plot: should we bring back the so-called necrofauna, or extinct animal species? It is Britt Wray’s mission to shed light on this possible new scientific domain.

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