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Five film suggestions from our director

In the new edition of Pulse magazine, Daisy van de Zande, director of InScience, gives five film tips in the field of Health & High Tech that were previously shown on InScience. One of her tips, the film Ich bin dein Mensch, can be seen in Rozet Arnhem on December 1.

“Stories are the foundation of our culture. They tell us who we are and how we experience the world. It’s the ultimate way to engage in conversation. And stories can be a great means for scientists to explain what they are doing. But stories are not only important for scientists. Stories are also an important playground for the public to engage with science in an approachable manner. They shape opinions, inspire you, and guide you into the world of science. That’s why bringing the cultural field and academia together is so important. Science is often seen as detached from the rest of the world, but research topic choices are often determined by the culture in which scientists operate. This is why it is so important for scientists to engage with society. Because it’s literally where their ideas come from.”

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