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Dig Deeper: Amazing Discoveries Day 1 Talks Program

On November 4 and 5 InScience Amazing Discoveries will take place, with eight of the most striking and memorable films in the history of InScience. From mind-expanding voyages into interstellar space, to animated explorations of philosophy – we’ve collected a line-up of films that’s truly all killer, no filler. We always want to go deeper at InScience, and that’s why we’ve also curated a program of talks from leading thinkers and scientists to add depth to every film we show.  

One of the things that makes every edition of InScience unique is that it’s not just about simply watching a movie. We want every screening to be an immersive experience into society, science and culture, so every film we show is always accompanied by a specially curated Talk by scientists, philosophers, astronomists and more.  

For Amazing Discoveries this November 4 and 5, it’s no different! We’re excited to present to you the Talks program for day 1 of our special edition, jam-packed with innovations and insights into the world around us and beyond.



Our Planet’s Future and The Students That Shape It.

In our opening film, Inventing Tomorrow, we follow six driven and optimistic teenagers around the world as they prepare for the world’s biggest science contest for secondary school students: the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). We follow their journeys as they develop cutting-edge solutions to environmental issues, and we get a glimpse into their own unique cultural and geographical backgrounds that form the motivating force to strive for a healthier planet.  

Boundless optimism and enthusiasm for our planet’s future radiates from this film, and we want to build on this by showcasing the innovations happening in our own backyard. We’ve invited 3 student groups from the HAN, who’ve dedicated themselves to finding solutions to climate change. HAN Hydromotive, GRØNNEHAGE and are three sustainable student initiatives, each with their own unique approach to making the world a better place. We will give them a voice to not only present their pioneering ideas, but also how education in the Netherlands can be reshaped to place innovation at its very core.  

In this talk, we want to make students experts on what is needed in their own education – giving them agency, and most importantly, a voice.  

“Newton only saw one apple fall from the tree…”

To build upon the ideas explored in the intimate documentary Oliver Sacks: His Own Life, we invite Bas Bloem, neuroscientist at Radboudumc, to discuss the implications of putting the patient first in scientific research. Just as Oliver Sacks did, Bloem focuses on the individual story of the patient, particularly in Parkinson’s cases.  

His illuminating talk will shine a light on the fascinating insights that this method can generate, as well as his love for the profession of neurology, and what researchers can learn from Oliver Sacks.  

Answering the Big Questions.

In The Farthest, our final film of day 1 at Amazing Discoveries, documentarian Emer Reynolds takes on the rhapsodic journey of Voyager, through the stories of the scientists and astronomists that made it happen. We are given a close-up view into the many secrets Voyager uncovered in its twelve-billion-mile flight (and counting). The film is a true testament to the never-ending curiosity of scientists, and the many unanswered questions that our universe poses to humanity.  

For our talk, we’ve invited astrophysicists Hyerin Jang and Antonio Vecchio to tell us: Which big question about our universe do they want to answer? Just as we did in The Farthest, we will be given a personal look into the hunger for knowledge, and the endless well of curiosity that scientists draw from in their quest for answers to our universe’s big questions.  

Amazing Discoveries will take place on November 4 and 5 at LUX Nijmegen, and you can check out the program HERE, and get discounted passe-partout tickets for the whole festival HERE. 

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