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Deathly silence: Dying sound and noise pollution

What do sounds say about everything that is alive, and how is this influenced by human activity? These questions and more will be discussed during the evening Deadly Silence: Dying Sound and Noise Pollution, on Tuesday September 27 in LUX.

This evening is a collaboration between InScience and the Duurzaamheidscafé. The program includes a screening of the impressive documentary Dusk Chorus, followed by a discussion with Hans Slabbekoorn, Professor of Behavioral Biology at Leiden University.

In Dusk Chorus, creator David Monacchi takes us on an amazing expedition through natural areas around the equator, the places with the highest biodiversity in the world. His mission is to capture the rich auditory heritage of natural ecosystems before they are lost forever. Because of the climate crisis and the alarming extinction rate of animal species, more and more sounds are disappearing from these ecosystems.

This documentary is a feast for the ears, as a fascinating expedition that is best experienced in the cinema. A world opens up to you that has never been captured so spectacularly before. Be amazed by this poetic and impressive journey through unique ecosystems, which unfortunately are seriously threatened in their existence. In the follow-up discussion, we will delve deeper into the role of acoustic landscapes, and of course there will be room for questions and discussion. The documentary is subtitled in English, the discussion is in Dutch.

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