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Day 4 Inscience 2020: Today’s program

Are you in sitting comfortably? Today we have an extra diverse program on schedule! Get your weekend off to a good start with the Junior Big Idea Marloes Morshuis who tells about her book Borealis. After the lunch break, you will find out what impact film has on your brain during the Film & Brain masterclass. More into worms, insects and micro-organisms? Follow the talk Small but nice in the afternoon and then sit back and relax for the rerun of Spaceship Earth!

Junior Big Idea: Marloes Morshuis

  • Lecture / Sat 14 Nov / 11:00 / livestream

Meet Marloes Morshuis, the author of the book Borealis: a super exciting book about climate change. During this Junior Big Idea, the children’s lecture that is organized together with the Gelderland Zuid library, she tells what it’s like to write a book about this important subject. How do you mix reality with fiction? Where is the limit? What is true and what is not true? These and more questions are answered during this children’s lecture. The Junior Big Idea will take place on Saturday, November 14 at 11:00 AM and participation is completely free. Are you joining us?

Masterclass: Film & Brain

  • Masterclass / English / Sat 14 Nov / 3:00 PM / 50 min / livestream

What effect does film or art have on the brain, and how can you create an effective story? And vice versa: how can science enrich art? Three experts at the cutting edge of film, art and science will enter into a discussion. Patricia Pisters is Professor of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam and works at the intersection of film studies, philosophy and neuroscience. Maartje Nevejan is a Dutch filmmaker who made the award-winning documentary Are You There? (2019). Suzanne Dikker combines her knowledge as a neuroscientist with art and education. The moderator for this masterclass is Flora Lysen, cultural historian of science and media, researcher and teacher at the Science and Technology Studies department of Maastricht University.

Talk: Small but nice

  • Talk / Dutch / Sat 14 Nov / 4:30 PM / 60 min / livestream

Worms, insects and micro-organisms: Constant Swinkels (Radboud University), Liesje Mommer (Wageningen University) and Samantha Hughes (HAN) absolutely love it. What makes the little creatures of nature so interesting to these biologists? And where does that fascination come from? Inspired by our block of short films about small life, moderator Marcel Wortel talks to these biologists about their passion for small lives. As an audience you can also ask questions at home from the couch. Curious about more beautiful images of small organisms? Check out our film block Shorts: Big Stories Behind Small Matters!

Film: Spaceship Earth

  • Matt Wolf / Documentary / US / 2020/121 min 

In 1991, a collaboration between a group of hippies, performance artists and scientists made possible the Biosphere 2: a futuristic structure that should house a perfect replica of the ecosystem on Earth. This documentary takes you through the development of the bizarre project that caused a lot of controversy, but also appears to be progressive in view of the climate ideals of thirty years later. However, is it ecological activism or just pure entertainment? The rerun of Spaceship Earth will start again at exactly 8:00 PM. This is your chance to still see the opening film of InScience 2020. Make sure you don’t miss it!

InScience By Night

  • Party / Sat 14 Nov / 22:00 / 120 min / livestream

InScience presents the very first InScience party! It’s time to stretch our legs and shake our hips, because right after the screening of Spaceship Earth on Saturday evening, November 14, we will go crazy for two hours! Scientists, professors and others who work at our partner organizations Radboud University and Radboud university medical center show their grooviest side. Renovate your living room, dress up your cat, collect all your plants and tune in for InScience By Night LIVE from LUX 7. The only fever you will have to deal with is saturday night fever!

Line up

  • Wyboud Stijns, Practical Support Office Biosciences Education Office at Radboud University.
  • Thomas Dessing (DEZZINSKI), ICT Coordinator at Radboud University.
  • Kim Bonger, Assistant Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry at Radboud University & Ernst van Eck, Assistant Professor of Magnetic Resonance Research Center at Radboud University.
  • Bas Bloem, Neurologist at Radboudumc.

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