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Day 3 InScience 2020: Today’s program

New day, new opportunities! Today we have a full program with a lot of challenging conversation material. Begin the afternoon with a talk about climate anxiety and how to deal with it, then join the webinar on how dialogue could save the world. Don’t forget to join the evening’s Big Idea, Mihai Netea, which delves into the history and future of infectious diseases. End your evening with a comic nature film and then philosophize about man and nature.

Interview: How do you deal with climate anxiety?

  • Interview / Dutch & English / Fri 13 Nov / 3:00 pm / 50 min / livestream

BeeldBrengersTV will talk to The Kissinger Twins and Evanne Nowak in the live broadcast on November 13 at 3 p.m. The Kissinger Twins talk about their project: The Portal Diaries, an Instagram film about Anna’s diary that consists of several episodes in which she shares her concerns about the climate. The artistic and educational images make you think. Anna’s concerns are tangible and confronting, but fortunately this protagonist also talks about the hopeful scientific projects that lead to climate improvement.

How to Live in a time of ecological disruption? How can we take our feelings of climate depression and eco-anxiety more seriously? In the show, The Kissinger Twins and Evanne Nowak, together with BeeldBrengersTV, put these questions under a magnifying glass. Note: this program is in both English and Dutch.

Webinar: A better world through dialogue?

  • Webinar / Dutch / Fri 13 Nov / 4.30pm / 60 min / livestream

The documetary Das Forum makes it painfully clear how the motto “a better world through dialogue” is difficult to put into practice. Should we accept that or is there still hope? What can we learn from the dialogues held in Davos? What lessons can we learn about the conditions for a constructive discussion between all stakeholders? And how can we translate those lessons into conversations about sustainability in our own region? Take part in a dialogue class via the live stream with dialogue researcher Noelle Aarts (Radboud University), Nijmegen resident of the year Qader Shafiq (Bureau Wijland) and professor of Good Governance and Innovation Dynamics in Social Organizations Frans de Vijlder (HAN). For an optimal experience, start on Friday, November 13 at 14:30 by watching the online documentary Das Forum, and then join the livestream!

Big Idea Mihai Netea - How Can We Fight Against Infection?

  • Interview / Dutch / Fri 13 Nov / 19.00 / 60 min / livestream

When in March it became clear how disastrous the Corona outbreak was, Professor of Experimental Internal Medicine at Radboudumc Mihai Netea and his team immediately started the search for a vaccine. “This is the first pandemic where we have the technology to rapidly develop a vaccine.” In this live conversation, Netea tells how infections have affected humans throughout history, and how our way of living together increases the risk of epidemics. He explains how infections work in the body and what the search for a vaccination entails in this turbulent year. And he looks ahead: How can we better prepare for future pandemics? Science journalist Anne van Kessel will discuss these topics with Mihai Netea. You can send in questions during the interview!

Talk: Filosofie van mens en natuur

  • Discussion / Dutch / Fri Nov 13 / 20:30 / 30 min / livestream

COVID-19 once again confronts us with the facts: the relationship between man and nature is under pressure. Not to mention the climate crisis. In discussions different points of view clash with each other: Is man part of nature, or do we distinguish ourselves through technology? Should we get “closer to nature” again, or should we actually control nature to solve our problems? Bas Haring, philosopher and professor of Public Understanding of Science (Leiden University), and Dorine van Norren, Associate Researcher at the Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Society (Leiden University), will enter the discussion under moderator Maïté Tjon A Hie . Join the preliminary discussion for the movie The Trouble With Nature on the livestream. For the optimal experience, you can watch The Trouble With Nature in advance or afterwards via the platform!

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