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Day 2 InScience 2020: Today’s program

Today is the second day of InScience 2020! After the launch of Spacehip Earth last night, we are moving forward at full speed. Settle into your own couch for some great talks about equality, feminism and the smart future of technology both inside and outside the scientific field!

Big Idea: Philomena Essed - Everyday Racism Anno 2020

  • Lecture / Dutch / Thu 12 Nov / 20:00 / 60 min / livestream

Philomena Essed is Professor of Critical Race, Gender and Leadership Studies at Antioch University in the United States. Her first book, Everyday Racism, was published in 1984, which caused a lot of fuss at the time and is still very current. In 2018 a new edition of Everyday Racism was published with a preface to bridge the eighties and the present day. How does Philomena Essed view the second wave of anti-racism now in full swing? To what extent can we compare the situation in America today with that in the Netherlands? What are her hopes and expectations for how we in the Netherlands will continue to discuss racism after this eventful year? Essed discusses these topics with Lisenne Delgado, educator, lawyer and storyteller who contributes to freedom and equality through Je suis Zenne. This is a program in collaboration with Radboud Reflects.

Experiment: The Futurotheek - Who controls and decides in a future full of smart devices?

  • Experiment / Dutch / Thu Nov 12 / 20:30 / 45 min / livestream

Do we control devices, or do they control us? Technologies are getting smarter and developments in artificial intelligence and augmented reality are far from reaching their peak. What is the impact on our behavior and daily life? How do we deal with technology that wants more from and with us? The makers of De Futurotheek will discuss these questions together with researcher Theoretical Cognitive Sciences, Pim Haselager.

This part of the program is free, but register in time to receive a Zoom link. You can register via the registration form.

Panel discussion: The position of women in Dutch science

  • Lecture / Dutch / Thu 12 Nov / 21.30 / 45 min / livestream

Since #MeToo, more and more women are speaking out about sexism, also in the academic world. What about the position of women at Dutch universities? What problems do they face, and what burdens do women who face racism in addition to sexism bear? In a panel discussion, Aminata Cairo (independent consultant and former lecturer Inclusive Education), Marijke Naezer (independent researcher Gender studies and co-author of a study into scientific misconduct towards women) and Katrine Smiet (assistant professor with specialization in feminist philosophy and critical philosophy of race at Radboud University) addresses the harsh reality that female scientists experience every day. Moderation is in the hands of Lema Salah (PhD candidate in Political Science Radboud University, historian and gender and diversity expert).

Program in collaboration with the Halkes Women Faculty Network.

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