InScience Film Festival

Dance the night away during Kunstnacht

On Saturday 17 September the Kunstnacht is happening in Nijmegen. InScience will present a program about movement in the Valkhof Park, in collaboration with Deep End Film and Kloosterkino.

We will screen the short film Fragile Formation, in which a petri dish is enlarged to human proportions and thus forms the stage for an intimate interaction between the body and various objects. This dancing quest is an enchanting and layered composition, like a sculpture that keeps changing shape.

Sensing Rooftops, by Ilja Geelen, will also be screened. As an anthropologist and choreographer, she explores the space on Moroccan roofs while dancing. The film is the inspiration for your visit to the Saint Nicholas Chapel, which will be transformed into Club Chapel for one night by InScience.

Before entering this club you will have a conversation with the bouncer about dance as a research method. How does your body react to a space while dancing? And how do the movements of others affect your dancing? After that, the dance floor is yours, to dance the night away to the sounds of DJ Teleromeo.

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