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Call for Research at InScience Filmfestival

From 10 to 14 November 2021 the seventh edition of InScience – International Science Film Festival takes place in Nijmegen. The five day program consists of the best science films of this year and talks by researchers who will be sharing stories of their scientific endeavors and lat- est findings and insights. The festival also aims to actively involve its audience in the creation of scientific knowledge by letting visitors participate in scientific research. Within this festival setting, InScience offers researchers a unique platform to collect data for their research projects.

All academic disciplines are welcome at InScience. In previous editions, for instance, scientists from Radboud University carried out the experiment Gaming Against Your Brain. By involving visitors in a game against their AI, they tested whether it could predict human action based on brain activity. The Hot Politics Lab (University of Amsterdam) confronted the public with their political gut feelings. Scientists of Utrecht University helped people with their fear of public speaking by making use of Virtual Reality.

In 2021, InScience is expecting to come back in a physical format, while still having some of the programs online. For the 2021 edition, therefore, we are looking for research projects that can be presented on-site, as well as interactive research that can be carried out online. Creative online and offline forms are welcome!

What are the eligibility criteria for research projects at InScience?

  • The project serves a clear scientific goal.
  • The project is in line with the ethical guidelines of the VSNU.
  • The project is interesting and relevant for the audience of InScience.
  • The project involves InScience visitors in an interactive way (participation requires a maximum of 1 hour per participant).

What does InScience offer?

  • A broad platform to collect data for scientific research.
  • An audience of more than 10.000 visitors, among which 2.200 students. 43% of the visitors are between 18 and 30 years of age, 19% between 31 and 45 years, and 20% between 46 and 60 years. The majority of the visitors is highly educated (80%). 56% of the audience identifies as female, 43% as male, and <1% as other than male or female.
  • A great opportunity to generate publicity for your research.
  • In collaboration with InScience, your research will be presented in a visually attractive way.

Your Research at InScience?

Please contact us before September 16th to carry out your research at InScience. For both responses and questions, please contact Research Programmer Dagmar Dekker at

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