film festival

Fourth edition 07 t/m 11
nov 2018


Big Ideas #2 – James Garvey

Nudge, nudge who’s there? Spin-doctors, PR- and marketing professionals all have something in common. They want to control and influence what we do, what we think, what we buy and how we feel. Are they succeeding in this? Moreover, just exactly how free is our freedom of choice? According to philosopher James Garvey now more than ever is the time to rise up against this ever growing industry of fiddling with our brain.

Sunday the 6th of November James Garvey takes the stage during InScience – Dutch International Science Film Festival in LUX Nijmegen. James Garvey is best known as editor of Philosophers Magazine and writer of the book the Persuaders – The Hidden Industry That Wants To Change Your Mind. Go to the Facebook event.

Tickets for InScience Festival will be on sale starting October 13, 2016.