InScience Film Festival

Announcing the first films of InScience 2020

Dive deep into the world of science and explore the future with films that take you to the depths of your brain, expose you to experimental algorithms and immerse you in wondrous ecosystems! These are our first titles:

The Edge of All We Know

A historic moment: April 10, 2019, a photo of a black hole was presented to the world for the first time ever. The Event Horizon Telescope project, a worldwide network of scientists and telescopes, did what previously seemed impossible. The Edge of All We Know is a tribute to the scientists who push the boundaries of what we can see and thus push our knowledge further.

  • Peter L. Galison | Documentary | US | 2020 | 99 min

Picture a Scientist

What do you see when you think of a scientist? Few people envision a woman. In Picture a Scientist, three female scientists talk about their negative experiences with sexism, intimidation, and systematic discrimination in academia. These three women have radically changed and improved science culture with their strength and love for the profession. But at what cost?

  • Ian Cheney & Sharon Shattuck | Documentary | US | 2020 | 97 min

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life tells the intimate story of one of the most famous neuroscientists of the past decades. In this documentary, Sacks himself talks about his long journey to self-discovery, while dealing with homophobia and addictions, and about his struggle for acceptance for his unusual scientific findings.

  • Ric Burns | Documentary | US | 2019 | 90 min

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