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And the winners are… ‘In Silico’ and ‘The Reason I Jump’!

The documentary In Silico (Noah Hutton, 2020) has won the third InScience Jury Award during the seventh edition of InScience – International Science Film Festival Nijmegen. The documentary The Reason I Jump (Jerry Rothwell, 2020) took home the Student Jury Award. The Reason I Jump was also highly rated by our visitors. This film also wins the NTR Audience Award. The winning films were announced via the Award video below.

Winner InScience Jury Award

For the winning documentary, In Silico, director Noah Hutton was given full behind-the-scenes access from the start of the highly expensive and highly ambitious Human Brain Project, mercilessly capturing what it’s like to work on a project where perhaps too much is at stake. The InScience Jury calls In Silico “a visually and intellectually stimulating journey. The film shows how science can inspire, and also highlights the pitfalls in the way we fund and organize modern research. The film follows the protagonist as a tragic hero of Shakespearean proportions. In short: a triumph of science journalism and cinematic storytelling.” The InScience Jury Award is €2,500.

Top 3 favorites InScience Jury:

Winner Student Jury Award

The Student Jury has voted the film The Reason I Jump best science film. This immersive cinematic exploration immerses audiences in the stories of non-speaking autistic people and their unique sensory worlds, full of intensity, joy, and at times shadows and fear. The Student Jury found the documentary ”an intense and emotional journey that shows what makes us deeply human and connected to each other. The Reason I Jump shows how little we know about autism and how we have misunderstood autistic people for a long time.” The Student Jury Award is €500.

Top 3 favorites Student Jury:

Winner NTR Audience Award

This year, InScience’s public was able to vote online using a rating of 1 to 5 stars. With an average of 4.89 stars, The Reason I Jump was the highest-rated. The NTR Audience Award is €2,500.

Director Jerry Rothwell reacts enthusiastically to winning the audience award: ”A huge thank you for this award on behalf of all of the production team and the people in the film! We really wanted the film to encourage a kind of change in the perception of the experiences of non-speaking autistic people, and this award will certainly help do that.”

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