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Amazing Discoveries: The Peacemaker

On November 4 and 5 InScience Amazing Discoveries will take place, with the seven most beautiful and astonishing films in the history of InScience. In the coming weeks, we will present these unforgettable films to you, with the invitation to come and see them as you should: in the cinema with the lights off, your eyes glued to the silver screen.

In the documentary The Peacemaker we follow Padraig O’Malley, who has been traveling all over the world as an international peace negotiator for decades. In the five years that this documentary covers, he visits crisis areas such as Kosovo, Nigeria and Iraq. His journey began in his homeland of Ireland, where he spent some twenty years working to bring about reconciliation during The Troubles, the ethnic conflict in Northern Ireland that lasted from the 1960s well into the 1990s. His mission is to bring people together by bringing them to the table, in order to rise above the conflict through a mutual conversation about shared values.

We also see him trying to make peace with his own demons, specifically in his struggle against his alcoholism. The result is a moving portrait of a fascinating global citizen, charismatic and complex, driven by an admirable work ethic with no ideological visor. “This is just what I do,” he says in the documentary. “It allows me to escape from total despair.”

After this screening, Erik Jansen, lecturer Capabilities in Care and Welfare at HAN, will connect O’Malley’s peace negotiations to the current energy transition in the Netherlands. Here too, parties face each other because of conflicting interests, and face the struggle of finding a way out together. What can we learn from Padraig O’Malley about the importance of human encounters? How do you create a good dialogue? These questions and more will be addressed in a role play, in which the audience participates actively by being put in the shoes of the different parties.

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