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Amazing Discoveries: Is the man who is tall happy?

On November 4 and 5 InScience Amazing Discoveries will take place, with the seven most beautiful and astonishing films in the history of InScience. In the coming weeks, we will present these unforgettable films to you, with the invitation to come and see them as you should: in the cinema with the lights off, your eyes glued to the silver screen.

The documentary Is the man who is tall happy? is an animated conversation between Noam Chomsky, linguist, philosopher, writer, and Michel Gondry, director of films such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Mood Indigo. Their conversation spreads in many directions, touching on topics such as preconceived ideas, the emergence of language, illusions, the mystery of creativity and questioning things that seem obvious.

It’s an unconventional documentary, not least because of the hand-drawn animations that illustrate the conversation and splash off the screen in the bright color palette. As a maker, Gondry grants us an honest look into his own kitchen, where he is not afraid to share his insecurities with the viewer, ranging from his poor command of English to his shy nervousness when meeting a celebrity like Chomsky. This results in a refreshing conversation from teacher to student, and is a meandering ode to continuing to ask questions and a healthy hunger for knowledge.

This film will screen on November 5th at InScience Amazing Discoveries. Tickets go on sale the 18th of October.

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