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Adjustments InScience following corona measures

Tonight at 19:00, the government announced new measures to contain the impact of the coronavirus. These stricter measures have no direct impact on the continuity of InScience. Nevertheless, the InScience organization has decided to make adjustments to the programming. In this news item, we explain what will be changed and why.

InScience is a broad film festival with not only film screenings, but an extensive side program of talks, performances, and workshops. To make this possible, our organization is supported for five days by a large volunteer team, speakers, moderators, and crew. At some peak times, our entire team consists of more than 100 people who are mainly active in the side programming. Our people walk around backstage, eat together and consult with each other. In recent weeks we have already discussed with our employees that they should have themselves tested in the case of the mildest symptoms and that they should not come to our locations until they have received a negative result. We place the health of our large team above all else.

Since the government has announced that the 1,5-meter distance will be mandatory again, we have looked at whether we can guarantee the health of our employees with this measure. Unfortunately, we have come to the conclusion that this is not possible within the physical spaces where we stay. In addition, our speakers and guests travel from all over the country to InScience in Nijmegen. Under the current circumstances, we do not think it is responsible to ask this of them.

The above means that we cancel all side programming for Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 November. However, we will continue to show all films and the exhibition will also remain open in the Mariënburgkapel. All ticket buyers will be notified shortly.

You can visit a film at InScience in the same way as in the past few days. So with a valid Corona ticket (CTB). In addition, we offer the possibility to watch films online. We would also like to point out that the café in LUX closes at 20:00. However, you can get a takeaway drink and take it to the film.

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