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InScience shows the best science films that have been released worldwide in the past year. The films from the competition program have a chance to win the NTR Audience Award, the 3S – Short Science Stories Award and the International Grand Jury Award. InScience also annually awards the Klokhuis Wetenschapsprijs.

International Grand Jury InScience 2024

The International Grand Jury Award will be presented during the ninth edition of InScience. The jury consists of four international professionals with different expertise. They watch a selection of feature length films that have not yet had a cinema release in the Netherlands. On the last day of the festival, the jury will announce the best science film of InScience 2024.

Martin Dohrn

Martin Dohrn is a multi-award-winning filmmaker who has been producing exceptional nature films for more than thirty years for the BBC and National Geographic, among others. He developed groundbreaking film techniques that resulted in remarkable new insights into the natural world for mass audiences, such as the Color Starlight Camera – which allows even the darkest places on Earth to be captured in color images.

His film My Garden of a Thousand Bees was voted by the audience as the most beautiful science film of InScience 2023.

Irem Couchouron

Irem Couchouron is Deputy Director and Head of Program of the Silbersalz Science & Media Festival (Halle, Germany), an annual festival focusing on current science, natural history and contemporary social issues. Through film screenings, live performances, compelling works of art and debates, this festival aims to spark a conversation between the (international) audience and thinkers, makers and scientists. In this way, Silbersalz offers a space for future ideas and new perspectives by making interaction with science part of everyday life.

Safi Graauw

According to Safi Graauw, film should document the exceptional, introduce a new perspective – and, who knows, make a change along the way. During his master’s degree in Earth Sciences, Safi noticed how important messages were getting lost in incomprehensible academic jargon. Why not opt for a language everyone could fathom, so that crucial information can actually be understood by a wide audience? As a storyteller he tries to add something positive to the world, where the message is leading.

Enny Das

Professor Enny Das is director of the Center for Language Studies at Radboud University. She studies how communication can influence people’s behavior and conducts research into the power of stories, for example when we are confronted with death. She explored the latter last year at InScience 2023 with the ‘heartbreaking film experiment‘ and the Sterf! film festival last fall.

Student Jury InScience 2024

The Student Jury watches a selection of short films and chooses the best film from the 3S – Short Science Stories competition. InScience encourages young people to be more involved in science, including through the Student Jury. The students who are part of the Student Jury have the opportunity to experience a film festival from the inside and to express their opinion about film. During the festival they not only watch films, but also meet film professionals and scientists.

Rebecca-Elisa de Jeer

Rebecca-Elisa de Jeer (22) studies International Social Work at HAN and has been visiting InScience since she was fifteen, when she was part of the youth jury. “I am interested in analyzing what a director tries to tell the audience and why certain film techniques are used. I love unraveling the symbolism in films and am very much looking forward to analyzing the films with the other jury members!”

Ru Dahm

Film and music lover Ru Dahm (20) studies Artificial Intelligence at the RU and dreams of a career as a journalist or curator. “Film is a unique medium for making science accessible outside academic circles. Because it is an audiovisual art form, there will always be a trade-off between creativity and scientific accuracy. Personally, I find artistic freedom more important than rigorous science.”

Lean Mulder

Lean Mulder (26) is a Philosophy student at the RU and a real film lover. “Science, art and philosophy come together in film. As a jury member, I will pay particular attention to how a story is told and what aesthetic choices have been made. I am also curious whether there is room for ethical reflection and I think it is important which people are focused on, and whether attention is paid to original or underexposed themes.”

Jonne Bonnet

Jonne Bonnet (25) is pursuing a master’s degree in Biology at WUR (Wageningen University & Research), where she mainly focuses on themes such as ecology and biodiversity. “I often notice that there is a big gap between science and the general public. That’s why I think it’s fantastic that there are festivals like InScience, which manage to reach a wide audience with science. As a jury member, I will mainly pay attention to the story and the feeling that a film conveys.”

Fleur Habau

Fleur Habau (26) comes from Ghent and is following a master’s degree in Philosophy of Natural and Life Sciences at Radboud University, after having previously completed a master’s degree in Physics and Astronomy at Ghent University. “In this study I found the philosophical depth I was looking for. In my opinion, clear communication is an important responsibility of scientists, also to a broader audience. Film is a rewarding medium for this, so I can’t wait to experience InScience up close and immerse myself in a world where film and science come together.”

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