film festival

Fifth edition 06 t/m 10
nov 2019


InScience shows the best science films that have appeared worldwide this year. The films in the competition program have a chance at the NTR Audience Award and the Student Jury Award. The awards will be presented during the awards ceremony. The awards serve as appreciation, recognition, and encouragement for the makers.

The competition consists of all sorts of films: documentaries, feature films, fiction, and animation.


ntr audience award – €2500

Vote for your favorite InScience film! After the screening, you can rate the film via the voting form you receive at the entrance. The final score determines which director receives the audience award. The film with the highest score wins €2500.

Last year the film Into the Okavango has won the NTR Audience Award 2018.

student jury award – €500

The Student Jury Award will be awarded to the best film, according to the Student Jury. This jury is composed of students from high schools and universities.

The student jury awarded the film Inventing Tomorrow with the Student Jury Award 2018.

sign up student jury

Are you registered at a University, HBO- or MBO institution? Do you love science, art, and film and are you available from November 6th until November 10th? Sign up via

Klokhuis science award

Every year the Klokhuis Wetenschapsprijs is awarded during the junior opening of InScience. The award is intended to make a young and wide audience familiar with Dutch scientific research. All universities, universities of applied sciences and UMCs in the Netherlands can submit research. Out of 69 submissions, 10 studies are nominated. Children can vote for one of the 10 nominated studies on the website of Het Klokhuis from 15 October to 7 November via a voting tool. The online registration form is closed.