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InVision 2024

InVision is the industry program of InScience that brings together filmmakers, visual artists, storytellers, researchers, developers, philosophers, art students, and science communicators to stimulate interdisciplinary exchange. The program consists of a keynote, several workshops and networking opportunities.  InVision 2024 will take place on Friday 15 March. 

The InVision program will be kicked off by David and Jessie Peterson. As linguists they have worked on big productions such as Game of Thrones, Dune and Elemental, creating new languages for some of the characters. Furthermore, filmmakers who previously worked on InScience projects, such as Cinepoems (with Wintertuin) and Toekomstbeelden (with Radboud University and Kalorama), will talk about their experiences. Additionally, we offer a variety of interesting workshops and masterclasses. Like Katarina Petrović’s masterclass, whose work will be exposed during InScience: how do you collaborate with scientists as an artist? Or the workshop on working with AI when writing a screenplay. 

Because of the diverse program and the networking opportunities, InVision is a place to initiate or kick-start new projects. This makes InScience a breeding ground for creative talents that look beyond the boundaries of their own discipline. 


The program is set up as follows:

09:30 / Walk In / LUX Benedenfoyer

10.00u / Opening Keynote with David and Jessie Peterson / LUX 6
The InVision program will be kicked off by David and Jessie Peterson. As linguists they have worked on big productions such as Game of Thrones, Dune and Elemental, creating new languages for some of the characters. During the opening of InVision they will discuss con languages in film. How do they use their research when creating new languages? And what does their collaboration with screenwriters and directors look like?

After the joint opening, the program consists of a morning and an afternoon program: each has two parallel sessions of which you may choose one:

A. 10.45u / ArtScience Masterclass Katarina Petrović / Huis van de Nijmeegse Geschiedenis
The ArtScience Masterclass will explore the collaboration between arts and sciences, navigating the intersections and interactions of these fields. It delves into when and how collaboration works, emphasizing the importance of finding the common ground and developing a (new) language. Participants will learn how they can combine artistic work with scientific research, and how the consequences of doing so uncover new horizons for their practice and for trans-disciplinary work in general.

Katarina Petrović – whose work The End of Individuals is exposed during the InScience Film Festival – will share her personal trajectory, providing insights into the artistic process: from conceptualizing and collaborating to financing and producing a work. This short ArtScience exploration with Katarina will be joined by professor Stephen Picken (TU Delft) – her collaborator on the Origin v2.0 project, in development at the Crossing Parallels program TU Delft – and Lieke Wouters. The latter is a curator for POST – a platform for contemporary art in Arnhem and Nijmegen – with a special interest in artistic research and art and science interactions.

B. 10.45u / Masterclass Martin Dohrn / LUX 6
The InScience theme program of 2023 is all about language. Language is at the core of our culture, it allows us to understand the world around us. But what do you do when the subject of your film does not speak a human language? How do you tell a story solely with images, in such a way that you keep your audience captivated? In other words: how do you develop your own visual language as a filmmaker? During this session we discuss these questions with filmmaker and director Martin Dohrn, famous for his work on David Attenborough’s wildlife documentaries and the documentary My Garden of A Thousand Bees, for which Dohrn  received the NTR Audience Award during InScience 2023. How did Dohrn develop his own language as a filmmaker? And what challenges did he encounter during this process?

12.15 / Lunch / LUX Benedenfoyer

A. 13.45 / Workshop: Brainstorming with AI / Huis van de Nijmeegse Geschiedenis
Working with artificial intelligence (AI) as a filmmaker: is that possible? And if so, what does it look like? What effect does working with AI have on our creative process? During this workshop professor Media Design Wouter Sluis-Thiescheffer (HAN) will guide a brainstorming session with AI. Together we try to answer the following question: could AI really help us in developing a more creative process?

B. 13.45 / Panel discussion: Best practices / LUX 6
What is it like to be involved in an interdisciplinary project as a filmmaker? How do you collaborate with people from other disciplines? During this session we will speak with various filmmakers that were involved in projects that were initiated or supported by InScience (i.a.). What have they learned and what challenges did they face? Amongst others, filmmaker Brian den Hartog will talk about his contribution to Toekomstbeelden: a collaboration with Radboud University and Kalorama which resulted in three short films that focus on the opportunities and challenges of healthcare innovations, that will premiere during the InScience Film Festival this year. Rutger Nijkamp will tell us more about Cinepoems / Nieuwe Gronden, a collaboration with Wintertuin, that will also premiere during InScience.

15.00u / Short break / LUX

15.15u / Wrap up + Pitches of future residencies / LUX 6
Together we will conclude this edition of InVision in LUX 6. During this wrap up, one of our partners will pitch their future residency for filmmakers. Will we see you during one of our future projects? Additionally, we would like to know what you learned this year during InVision and what you would like to learn in future editions. Let us know during this wrap up!

Naturally, there is more than enough time for participants to get to know each other during lunch and drinks. This year’s moderator is Meike van Zandvoort, an experienced chair with firm roots in the film industry and talent development. 

16.00u / Drinks / LUX

Open Call (in collaboration with Go Short) 

The program also contains a curated one-on-one session with scientists/experts. We invite filmmakers to send us their idea for a (speculative) short fiction film. Three to five filmmakers will be selected to talk about their ideas with an expert to develop it into a concept for a film. Selected filmmakers will also gain access to Go Short’s professionals program on the 5th or 6th of April 2024. Interested? Send your idea (max. ½ A4) to The deadline for the call is Thursday the 29th of February. 

Use the button below to register for InVision. For €30 you get a full program with inspirational talks, lunch and two vouchers to see a film of choice during the festival. For €50 you get a full program with inspirational talks, lunch and a full accreditation for the entire festival. 

Filmmaker Pim Zwier bij InVision 2023. Foto door Coen Koppen.
Foto door Maros Pulscak
Foto door Maros Pulscak

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