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InVision 2023

On of our most important missions is stimulating the development of creative talent, innovation and science storytelling. That’s why we launched InVision, our industry program, in 2016. Professionals from science, film and creative industries come together at InVision to stimulate interdisciplinary exchange.

The fourth edition takes place on Friday March 17. The central question of the day will be: what are the challenges and opportunities of science storytelling? Sign up for InVision by clicking here. Tickets are €35,- including drinks, lunch and entry to the regular program the whole day. After filling in the accreditation form you will receive an email with payment instructions. 

The program for the day:

9:30AM / Walk in / Festivalhuis

10:00AM / Opening with Keynote by Alexis Gambis / Festivalhuis
The kick-off will be done by Alexis Gambis: a Venezuelan-French film maker, biologist and founder of Imagine Science Films. In 2016, he introduced the Science New Wave, a film movement that proposes traits to consider to fuse scientific data with cinema magic and to spark collaborations between scientists, artists, and educators. Gambis has worked together with parties such as Sundance, Science Sandbox and Warner Bros Discovery to stimulate film projects. He will not only introduce the themes of InVision, but will also provide an important networking opportunity to creators and researchers who want to work on his projects. 

The theme will be expanded upon in the morning and afternoon, with parallel sessions you can choose between:

A. 10:45AM / Workshop Planning and Funding a Research Based Film / Festivalhuis
A workshop that will help you with planning and funding your research based film, under the guidance of film scholar and producer Emiel Martens (University of Amsterdam). For creators/ researches who find themselves working at the borders of film and science, it can be difficult to convert their ideas into a strong film plan and find the right funding. Emiel shares the do’s and don’ts and teaches how you can find funds for your film in subsidies for science. 

B. 10:45AM / Workshop Interview Ethics / LUX Joris Ivenszaal
InScience screens several films that are centered on complex, sensitive or painful subjects. Media scholar Judith Keilbach (Utrecht University) is specialized in interviewing people with traumas, sadness or anxiety and will discuss this with director Tjeerd Muller (De Tien van Renesse), who has made several films where the ethics of interviewing were of great importance. It is a skill that can be important to both filmmakers and scientists. But what do you have to keep in mind when dealing with trauma? What responsibility do you have as an interviewer and how reliable are the answers you get? 

12:15PM / Network lunch / Festivalhuis

A. 1:30PM / Workshop: An Unusual Subject / Festivalhuis
A presentation and workshop by Pim Zwier (O, Collecting Eggs Despite the Times) and moderator Marcel Wortel (Sovon Vogelonderzoek Nederland) about finding, researching and visualizing unique, improbable or complex subjects. Pim Zwier starts the session by revealing how he develops his exceptional films. Afterwards the participants will work on developing their own offbeat film. Some questions to get you started: Which scientific subject is lacking in films? How do you find an unusual subject and how do you approach it? How do you find a visual form to present this? How do you ensure scientific clarity?

B. 1:30PM / Pitches: Artists in Residence for 100 Year Radboud / LUX Joris Ivenszaal
A pitching session for selected creators for an artistic residence at the Radboud University. In the past 100 years the RU has built an enormous and rich audiovisual archive. Creators are invited to research the archive for six months to create a film out of it, which will be screened during the 100 year festivities in October. The jury will be announced shortly. 

3PM / Break / Festivalhuis

3:15PM / Conclusion of the Day + Kick-off TOEKOMSTBEELDEN + Awards
The main part of the program will be concluded during a joint session where we recount and share our experiences and insights of the parallel sessions. Following this we will launch a new project named TOEKOMSTBEELDEN, a collaboration between InScience, Radboud Cultuur and healthcare institution Kalorama. Within a year teams of filmmakers, scientists and healthcare professionals will be formed to work on speculative or plausible fictions about the application of technical innovations in elderly care. Think of robots, AI and sensors, for example. This will result in three films that will be screened during InScience 2024. 

Finally, we close with awarding our Jury Award as chosen by our professionals jury and we’ll announce the winners of the Radboud pitches. 

Of course there will be enough time during the lunch and drinks to get to know each other and to network. The moderation will be in the hands of Meike van Zandvoort, an experienced chairwoman  with a solid background in film and talent development. 

4:15PM / Drinks / Festivalhuis

Foto door Maros Pulscak
Foto door Maros Pulscak

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