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International Grand Jury Award

The International Grand Jury Award will be presented during the ninth edition of InScience. The jury consists of four international professionals with different expertise. They watch a selection of feature length films that have not yet had a cinema release in the Netherlands. On the last day of the festival, the jury will announce the best science film of InScience.

Nominated films InScience 2024

Der vermessene Mensch

At the end of the nineteenth century, idealistic ethnologist Alexander Hoffmann travels to Namibia. There he witnesses what is now seen as the first genocide of the twentieth century: the slaughter of the Herero and Nama people by the German colonisers.

A dazzling feature film that sheds light on the dangers of pseudoscience, in the form of a historical drama set at a time when skull measuring was still a scientific research method – and was even used to justify horrific colonial violence.

Surfing Einstein

This phenomenal film delves into dark matter, but gloriously manages to make hard science sparkle off the screen. In 2015, a group of Italian physicists managed to prove Einstein’s theory about gravitational waves. They depicted their scientific breakthrough in this unique dance documentary, in which they whirl through their own offices and laboratories and show how their success was certainly not without setbacks.

A film that translates abstract theory into dizzying dance, set between devices to measure what we cannot see and capture what we cannot express.


The German artist Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717) laid the foundation for entomology with her study of insects. For example, she recorded the metamorphosis from caterpillars into butterflies in beautiful engravings, and she was the first to draw insects together with the plants on which they live.

Dutch filmmaker and media artist Pim Zwier delves into her life and work with this fascinating film, in a mix of nature documentary, costume drama and art project in which 17th-century drawings and paintings come to life in a unique way. Zwier was a guest at InScience 2023 last year, where his previous film O – collecting eggs despite the times was shown.

A Year in a Field

It has been standing guard for millennia, a meters-high monolith in an English field. Award-winning documentary filmmaker Christopher Morris kept this rock company for a year and made a contemplative and poetic documentary about time and geological patience.

The film is also a silent cry about the climate crisis and a penetrating meditation on what life is. A film full of ideas that resonate deeply, told as a penetrating dream that shakes you awake.

The Arc of Oblivion

In a universe made up of forces that want to tear everything to pieces, why are people so determined to leave a mark on Earth? For his new documentary, filmmaker Ian Cheney delves into the attic of his own memory in search of the driving forces behind our human urge to collect.

His quest begins with building an ark on a field in Maine, aiming to preserve the archive of his own life from the relentless ticking of time. He invites a number of guests here to talk about their memories, including Werner Herzog. The lively documentary then travels all over the world: to salt mines in the Alps, fjords in the Arctic and ancient libraries in the Sahara.


Geographies of Solitude has been named best science film of InScience 2023 by both the InScience Jury and the Student Jury. Director Jacquelyn Mills receives the InScience Jury Award worth €2,500. This year the professional jury consisted of Alexis Gambis, Dan Jin Wu, Ronald Veldhuizen and Valerie van Zuijlen.

The Student Jury praised the film with these words: “Seaweed has become an aesthetic medium of creating images never seen before. The senses are tickled. One becomes truly part of this island. You can almost smell the flowers in between the grasses.”


The InScience Jury Award was presented for the third time in 2021. The jury consisted of Sandra den Hamer, George van Hal, and Anna Gimbrère. In 2020 Robbert Dijkgraaf, Patricia Pisters and Maartje Nevejan formed the InScience Jury. The award was introduced in 2019, in honor of the fifth edition of InScience. In 2019, the jury consisted of Rob van Hattum, Ruben van Leer, Barbara Visser, and Jim Jansen.

Winners previous editions

In previous years the InScience Jury Award was presented to the following films:

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