InScience Film Festival


In collaboration with Bibliotheek Neude and Studium Generale Universiteit Utrecht, we are proud to present the first satellite edition of the festival in Utrecht. All programs are introduced by an expert and after the film, there is an opportunity for discussion. The film and lecture are in English. The satellite edition will take place on November 26.

26 november: Hunting for Hedonia

Pernille Rose Gronkjaer | documentary | DK, BR, DE, VS, GB | 2019 | 87 min

In the 1960s, Robert Heath was one of the most renowned neurologists in the world. His research on deep brain stimulation used electrodes in the brain to stimulate feelings of happiness and to suppress negative emotions. However, his methods proved too controversial and ultimately destroyed his reputation. Decades later, with psychological problems such as depression and anxiety becoming more common, scientists are re-examining the possibilities of deep brain stimulation. While there has been some success, old ethical dilemmas are beginning to rise up like ghosts from the past. Could tiny wires in our brain really hold the key to happiness?

Talk by dr. Megan Milota

Dr. Megan Milota studies how we view human life in health care. What are the moral limits concerning procedures that may change our personality?

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