InScience Film Festival


In collaboration with Studium Generale from Saxion University of Applied Sciences and Concordia, we are proud to present the first satellite edition of the festival in Twente. On 11 and 13 November, InScience/Twente organizes the first film series “with extras”. Because in addition to the scientific approach of the festival, there are introductions and follow-up discussions for extra depth. Moreover, the director of Food Evolution is present on 11 November.

Food Evolution

Food Evolution explores how genetically modified food has divided the world and how emotion and reason turn their backs on one another. Oscar-nominated filmmaker Scott Hamilton Kennedy and Neil deGrasse Tyson take you on a global journey to explore “the good, the bad and the ugly” of genetic modification. Food Evolution is a personal, provocative and at times enjoyable story about food and its production. But most of all it’s a story about us. After all, food is emotion.

In the follow-up discussion of the film Food Evolution, Bastienne Bernasco lets the participants view the food crisis through the eyes of the wizard and the eyes of the prophet. Whatever glasses we put on, we cannot afford to passively watch the food films of today. Each of us can contribute to the modern quest for good food for all of us. Extra special is the arrival of Scott Hamilton Kennedy, the American director of this film. After his visit to the festival in Nijmegen, he also visits the Concordia movie theater.

This program takes place on Monday 11 November at 19:00 in Concordia. 

Who Will Write Our History

Who Will Write Our History tells the story of historian Emanuel Ringelblum and Oyneg Shabes, the secret archive about Jewish life in the Warsaw ghetto that he helped to establish. With 30,000 hand-written pages, photos and posters, the Oyneg Shabes Archive is the most important collection of eye-witness accounts of the Holocaust. Under Ringelblum’s guidance, journalists, scholars and Jewish community leaders defied their enemy with the ultimate weapon: the truth. They risked everything to make sure their archive survived the war, including their lives.

The film will be introduced and discussed by Roel Rietberg, Associate Professor of History and coordinator of the minor in General Development.

This program takes place on Wednesday 13 November at 19:30 in Concordia. 

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