InScience Film Festival

InScience On Tour in Rotterdam

In collaboration with LantarenVenster and Studium Generale Erasmus, we are proud to present the third InScience On Tour edition in Rotterdam. The program is introduced by an expert and after the film, there is an opportunity for discussion. InScience On Tour in Rotterdam takes place on 15 and 23 November.

Citizen Nobel

Monday 15 November / 19:00 / LantarenVenster

Citizen Nobel is an inspiring portrait of Jacques Dubochet, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2017. As a physicist that was previously virtually unknown, how should he react to his unforeseen fame? What are the possibilities of the fact that his voice is suddenly heard by all? In his old age, he decides to reinvent himself to become a key figure in the battle against climate change. His secret? A lust for life.


After the documentary, there will be a discussion in the room with environmental philosopher Yogi Hendlin. What is the role and responsibility of scientists in society? Can a scientist be an activist and politically active or should science always be objective and impartial? Come see and join the conversation!

In Silico

Tuesday 23 November / 20:00 / Erasmus Paviljoen

In 2009 the highly ambitious Human Brain Project was announced by Henry Markram, resulting in a lot of publicity and attention. This extremely expensive project was aimed at developing a complete computer simulation of the human brain, within ten years. Director Noah Hutton was granted full access to everything that happened from the start and has managed to relentlessly capture what it was like to work on a project where there was a lot at stake – maybe even too much. In Silico immerses the viewer in the world of scientific top sport, multimillion-dollar investments, enormous egos, and even grander ambitions.


The film will be introduced by dr. Mario Negrello, neuroscientist and assistant professor at Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam. His research focuses on brain mapping and computational models of the brain.  Dr. Negrello has been following the Human Brain Project closely since its conception and holds a balanced view over its claims, results, and failings. He will give his perspective on the possibility of a ‘computer brain’, Henry Markram, and the progress of the HBP.

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