InScience Film Festival

InScience on Tour in Maastricht

In collaboration with Lumière Cinema and Studium Generale Maastricht, we are proud to present the fourth satellite edition of the festival in Maastricht. The program is introduced by an expert and after the film, there is an opportunity for discussion. InScience On Tour in Maastricht takes place on 15 and 17 November.

Birds of America

Monday 15 November / 19:30

Natural historian and artist John James Audubon worked on his influential book ‘Birds of America’ between 1827 and 1838. In this book, he tried to describe as many birds in the United States as possible, and also to capture them in beautiful drawings. Now, after almost 200 years, the filmmakers try to follow Audubon in his footsteps. What can we learn about our changing ecosystem from drawings that are almost 200 years old?

Raf de Bont is Professor of History of Science and the Environment at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (UM). He particularly published on human-animal relations, scientific ecology and nature protection, degeneration and evolution theories, and the representation of science (and scientists) in culture at large.

By the Throat

Wednesday 17 November / 19:30

Identity: we construct it from our origins, our looks, our passports, or from what we consume. A more subtle form of revealing ourselves is through our pronunciation. The way in which we pronounce words has been used to separate friend from foe since language originated. The surprising documentary By the Throat explores our vocal limits through science, technology, cultural prejudices, and politics.

Lauren Wagner works as an Assistant Professor at the Globalisation, Transnationalism and Development Research Group (UM). She is a post-disciplinary social scientist, with roots in sociology, anthropology, geography and sociolinguistics, and interests in categorization and belonging, migration, and diaspora.

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