InScience Film Festival

InScience Jury Award

The fourth InScience Jury Award will be presented during the eighth edition of InScience. The jury consists of three professionals with different expertise. They watch a selection of films and on the last day of the festival, they will announce InScience’s best science film. The director of the winning film will receive the InScience Jury Award worth € 2,500.

InScience Jury Award

The InScience Jury Award was presented for the third time in 2021. The jury consisted of Sandra den Hamer, George van Hal, and Anna Gimbrère. In 2020 Robbert Dijkgraaf, Patricia Pisters and Maartje Nevejan formed the InScience Jury. The award was introduced in 2019, in honor of the fifth edition of InScience. In 2019, the jury consisted of Rob van Hattum, Ruben van Leer, Barbara Visser, and Jim Jansen.

Winners previous editions

In previous years the InScience Jury Award was presented to the following films:

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