InScience Film Festival

InScience 2022

On November 4 and 5 in 2022, InScience Amazing Discoveries took place, featuring the seven most impressive and memorable films in InScience history. From mind-blowing journeys into interstellar space to ethical challenges in cryogenic technology, moving portraits of legendary scientists and animated explorations of philosophy, we’ve collected a range of films and Talks that left you in awe.

InScience took a new course with this mini-edition, and from now on organizes the festival in the spring. InScience can also be experienced at more locations in the city, and later throughout the Netherlands (and beyond!), in special and unexpected places.

That meant being enchanted once again by Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy? on the big screen, the ‘animated’ conversation between director Michel Gondry and linguist Noam Chomsky. Traveling to the edges of our solar system and beyond in The Farthest. Or being inspired by teenagers from all over the world in Inventing Tomorrow , who came up with great solutions to climate problems.

We also screened The Peacemaker, an intriguing portrait of famed Professor Padraig O’Malley and his mission to create peace in some of the world’s most dangerous crisis regions while struggling with his own addiction problems. An audience favorite that returned this year was Hope Frozen, a compelling documentary about the life of a Thai family and their cryogenically frozen daughter. Another animated film was not to be missed: Absolute Denial, a unique and blood-curdling story about artificial intelligence and psychological demise. Finally, we also screened Oliver Sacks: His Own Life, a moving documentary about one of the most fascinating figures in science today.

And so much more!

Of course there was more to see at InScience than you first thought. We aim to enrich every film we screen with presentations, discussions and debates from leading thinkers and makers on topics surrounding each film. Among others, director of the Max Planck Institute Peter Hagoort; palliative care expert Yvonne Engels; Assistant Professor of Care and Welfare at HAN Erik Jansen; Neurologist Bas Bloem from Radboudumc and astrophysicists Hyerin Jang and Antonio Vecchio from Radboud University were invited as speakers by InScience.

We also gave a platform to young makers and creators from HAN, who pitched new and inspiring innovations and solutions for our climate crisis. A challenging and fascinating discussion about artificial intelligence was held with researchers from the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior.

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