film festival


Fifth edition 06 t/m 10
nov 2019

tickets & Strips

Where can I buy tickets? 
Tickets are for sale starting October 18th via our website or at the cash desk in LUX.

How do I buy tickets online?
Trough the program overview on our website you can buy tickets for individual films, talks or other programs. It is possible to add multiple tickets to your shopping bag, so you can proceed to pay all at once.

Do I need tickets for freely accessible programs? 
For programs that are free of charge, tickets are not necessary. However, certain programs require you to sign up. This is explicitly stated in the program’s description.

Is it necessary to register an account in order to buy tickets? 
We use the ticket system LUX uses. If you already have an account, you can use this. If you have never bought online tickets before, it is necessary to register an account.

What is the InScience ticket strip?
With the InScience ticket strip, you have the right to visit three films for at a sharp rate. You choose which programs you want to visit and you are not bound by a single festival day. For each program, there is a maximum of one ticket using the ticket strip.

How can I buy the InScience ticket strip?

there are two ways of buying a ticket strip:

  • Offline, At the LUX cash desk. This is a paper ticket strip. The strip is exclusively for sale at the cash desk and can solely be used to get tickets at the LUX cash desk.  The online ticket strip is not limited.
  • Online, via our website. Per account, a maximum of one online InScience ticket strip can be bought.  Firstly you add the ticket strip to your InScience/LUX account and then you purchase it. After that, you are able to get tickets for three programs for €0,-.  After these three tickets have been ordered, you can use your account to buy tickets at the normal rate.

Films, Cinema and program

Are the films subtitled in Dutch?
All films are either spoken or subtitled in English. Because we are an international film festival, we look to serve an international audience.

Are the talks in Dutch?
Talks can be in Dutch or English. If and when a talk is in English this is explicitly stated in the program’s description.

Is it possible to change screenings between programs?
No, 1 ticket is valid for 1 screening and it is not allowed to switch programs when a program started.

Are the screenings accessible for wheelchairs?
LUX is easily accessible by wheelchair and there are designated wheelchair seats. LUX 7/Synthonzaal does not have these seats. Because we have to make certain preparations, we would appreciate it if you reserve these seats in advance. This is possible by calling LUX on the number 024 – 3816859.

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