InScience Film Festival

Becoming a partner?

InScience is a unique festival in the Netherlands. InScience opens the world of science to everyone by showing the best science films of the moment, telling stories, creating wonder, and stimulating debate.

The festival is aimed at a wide audience: from young to old, those interested and professionals in science, art, and culture. InScience also offers a comprehensive education program for the highest grades of primary school to higher education.

A partnership with InScience is a ‘branding opportunity’ for companies that want to associate themselves with science, film, and culture in a broad sense or that simply love and support our festival. The festival offers an inspiring and original (network) environment.

Customized package

InScience does not offer standard sponsorship packages. Because we reason from the point of view of added value for both parties, we are happy to discuss where cooperation is possible and how this cooperation can help us both.

For more information and to make a (digital) appointment, please contact us at

A partnership with InScience gives you the opportunity to:

  • target a very diverse target group;
  • demonstrate social and regional involvement;
  • to become more visible at local, regional, and national level in an original way;
  • increase your brand awareness through attention for performances and activities in local, regional and national newspapers, radio, television, and online.

In addition, we offer:

  • unique possibilities for receiving guests and relations;
  • a representative meeting place: arthouse LUX at Mariënburgplein is the vibrant heart of the festival;
  • an inspiring platform for you and your relations/employees.

InScience is a cultural ‘algemeen nut beogende instelling’ (ANBI) recognized by the Tax Authorities. This means that donations to InScience are tax-deductible.

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