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InScience International Science Film Festival Nijmegen is one of the biggest science film festivals in Europe. The program most importantly consists of an overview of the best science films of the year. InScience offers a broad program, with talks, film debates, Q&A’s, meetings, and expositions on the cutting edge of science and art. During InScience, Nijmegen is changed into a meeting place for filmmakers, scientists and the audience for exchanging new insights.



InScience wants to show and clarify the impact of science on society and the dynamics of science on our cultures.


InScience wants to be a platform that offers new ways to communicate about science. Science film is not merely an instrument for talking about science, but it enriches the domain of science with its own idiom. Through film and debates, InScience wants to build bridges between the worlds of science and the arts. The scientific film is not just a tool that serves the story of science. It can enrich the scientist with an own language. Where the scientist is bound to tight and precise agreements, the artist can move freely. It goes on where the scientist is forced to stop and dares the scientist to come along.


The program of InScience consists of the best science films of the moment. The films vary in shape and genre and cover scientific subjects, developments, individuals or historical events. In addition to screenings, there are lectures, film reviews, debates and art installations. The competition program consists of the best films of the festival. The films compete for the NTR Audience Award.

In the run-up to and during the festival you will find more information about the program on this website.


InScience has an extensive educational program for primary, secondary and higher education and encourages students to see the difference between fact and fiction. The special education program is offered together with accompanying teaching material, with both internal and extracurricular activities. In this way, the festival aims to get a young, targeted audience (and their teachers) acquainted with science, film, and art in an approachable and attractive way.

Schools can visit the festival on a classical basis, but for students and teachers, interesting activities are also organized after school.


InScience is an active member of the European Science Film Association (EURASF).

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