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3S – Short Science Stories Award

The Short Science Stories Award honors the best short science film of InScience 2024. The InScience Student Jury assesses a selection of short films and determines what they believe is the best short science film of InScience 2024. The film rated highest by the student jury will receive the 3S – Short Science Stories Award.

InScience encourages young people to be more involved in science, including through the Student Jury. The students who are part of the Student Jury have the opportunity to experience a film festival from the inside and to express their opinion about film. During the festival they not only watch films, but also meet film professionals and scientists.

Nominated films 2024


In a world without food and overgrown with plastic, Zigle Clinic tests a new food re-education Method, which is coveted by many but granted to few. Giulia is one of the patients chosen by the Clinic. Even if she is fearful at first, she gets increasingly involved and joins the group sessions under the guidance of Isotta, the exuberant nurse.

Vampires, It’s Nothing to Laugh at

In the 1960s, an anthropologist thinks he has discovered the existence of a vampire woman in a Kashub community in Wilno, Ontario. Filmmaker Kinga Michalska returns to the village still recovering from the trauma of this coverage, using a skilful blend of archival footage and performance to question the relationship between lived reality and scientific ‘truth’.

The Waiting

A biologist describes her research into various species of frogs in the rainforest of Central America and their mysterious disappearance as if it were a criminal case. Brilliantly animated drawings accompany her vivid scientific analysis.

love at first byte

Based on the UK General Data Protection Regulation individuals have the right to access and receive a copy of their personal data, and other supplementary information (‘SAR’). This law allowed us to obtain the surveillance camera footage of the London Underground of the passenger 061651774505 and turn it into an AI love story.


In video artwork MICRO|MACRO, Studio Beerdier gives an impression of a child’s cancer treatment. The starting point for this animated film is the resilience of  children: in general, children can undergo more intensive treatments than adults, because their bodies have a better ability to recover. This “superpower” is often underexposed in childhood cancer coverage.


COBALT is a 6 min. experimental dance film exploring and imagining future nature-technology-human ways of relating. The project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between a philosophy of technology researcher, an AI researcher and dancer, and a cinematographer, culminating in a non-verbal philosophical essay.

1976: Search for life

A new father visits the hometown of his mother in 1976, accompanied by his wife and baby. At the same time, the NASA Viking lander is sending the first images back to Earth from the surface of another planet. An experimental documentary about our relationship to the past.

Microscopic love

A young biochemist who just arrived in a small town of The Netherlands, is building an artificial cell to understand the origins of life. Through his diary and microscope footage, he keeps track of changes in his new life, spent between the lab, his friends and his love for Simone.

The Syrian Cosmonaut

In this story as if from a Hollywood blockbuster, a man went off into space and disappeared. This Syrian military member became the country’s first cosmonaut. His space mission was a success, but life on Earth turned out to be much harder.

New Eye

Together with painter and prosthetist Julios, ocularist Jelmer makes eye prostheses through modeling, scanning and craft painting. While ocularist Jelmer and painter Julios focus with delicate attention on the smallest details during the creation process of an eye prothesis, we see the first unveiling of the proud owners. A detailed look into loving craftsmanship and generosity.

Beautiful figures

Thoughts ripple over the pages of a personal notebook, kept during a stay at different science labs in Zürich. They float from one to another, like a mind map of unfinished ideas on memory, medical imaging, cells, and aging.

Strangers in the dark

We learn how light pollution makes the love lives of fireflies a living hell, in the experimental film Strangers in the Dark. How are they supposed to find a partner when it is no longer dark at night?

A story that zooms from planetary scale to microscopically small, that takes us from quiet nature to urban hectic and from artificial light to green glowing firefly buttocks.

The Last of the Nightingales

In The Last of the Nightingales, we follow acoustic ecology pioneer Bernie Krause on a breathtaking journey through natural soundscapes – and the answers they can provide to the climate crisis.

The Blake

This cinematic memoir explores how the filmmaker’s childhood experience with a replica of the Challenger space shuttle helped her cope with a devastating loss.

Just listen... No, look!

Just listen… No, look! shows the long struggle it took to have Dutch Sign language recognized as an official language.

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